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Great Latin Dress
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Black and Green Ballroom dress
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Stunning white ballroom dress made by Si...
United Kingdom
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Great Latin Dress
United States
€ 1650.00 Negotiable
Size: XS/ S
€ 1000.00 Fixed price
Size: S
Vesa Latin Dance Dress - pink
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Size: Small
Ballroom dress for sale
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Size: S
Dancing Day Italian atelier ballroom dress
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Size: 34-38
The best dress.
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Size: 38-42
Stunning Pink SAPIEL Atelier
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Enchanting standard
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Size: XS-S, 36-38
Classy Lilac Dress with Swarovski Crystals
United States
€ 500.00 Negotiable
Size: US 0-2
Stunning Turquoise made for Blackpool
United States
€ 600.00 Negotiable
Size: 0-6
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Result Service - Couple Information
Aleksandr Samosiuk and Rina Brandt

Name : Aleksandr SamosiukRina Brandt
City :Not available Not available
Country :Not available Not available
Age :Not available Not available
Occupation :Not available Not available
Hobbies :Not available Not available
Favourite dance :Not available Not available
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Representing country :Not available
Best result :17 at German Open 2012
Anything of public interest :Not available
Main trainers :Not available

Competition age :Adult Standard
Competition(s) recorded :2
Current dance status :Not available
Begin partnership :Not available
End partnership :Not available

First competition recorded
2012-08-16 :: National :: German Open 2012 - Adult Rising Stars ST - Germany (place 17)
Last competition recorded
2012-08-18 :: IDSF :: WDSf Grand Slam Standard - Adult Standard - Germany (place 76)

All recorded competitions
2012-08-18IDSF - WDSf Grand Slam Standard
Adult Standard
Germany(place 76)
2012-08-16National - German Open 2012
Adult Rising Stars ST
Germany(place 17)

How to use the Correction tool:
1. Go to the couple information page on were your name is correctly written.
2. Activate the checkbox(es) in front of the names you want to correct into your own.
3. Click on the correct button.
4. Your correct request is sent to the webmaster for approval.
  Male Name   Female Name
Aleksandr Samosyuk   Ekaterina Plaksa
Aleksandr Andreev   Irina Domokurova
Aleksandrs Gulko   Katrina Ziberte
Aleksandr Zotkin   Ekaterina Zudova
Aleksandr Karpov   Marina Karpova
Aleksandr Bashkirov   Ekaterina Kozhenkova
Aleksandr Peshnin   Irina Potanina
Aleksandr Ostrovsky   Ekaterina Ishina
Aleksandr Koshkin   Marina Nesterova
Aleksandr Sharov   Irina Ulyanovskaya
Aleksandr Mikhaylov   Ekaterina Mikhaylova
Aleksandr Zhuchkov   Karina Muslimova
Aleksandr Kurash   Ekaterina Chistaya
Aleksandr Sergeev   Ekaterina Chursina
Aleksandr Pohjalainen   Marina Pohjalainene
Aleksandr Gorelov   Marina Zykova
Aleksandr Sharandin   Ekaterina Krisanova
Aleksandr Berezovskiy   Ekaterina Tropinskaya
Aleksandr Dzhatiev   Irina Zeps
Aleksandr Barbashin   Ekaterina Ivanova
Aleksandr Lyubutsin   Irina Skobelkina
Aleksandr Aleksandrov   Ekaterina Petrenko
Aleksandr Kuternin   Karina Demyanenko
Aleksandr Mushtakov   Ekaterina Bataeva
Aleksandr Samarchenko   Ekaterina Ermolina
Aleksandr Vysochkin   Ekaterina Rumyantseva
Aleksandr Kudryavtsev   Ekaterina Golikova
Aleksandr Bikunin   Ekaterina Feokistova
Aleksandr Tormosov   Ekaterina Berezina
Aleksandr Kadyrov   Ekaterina Chasova
Aleksandr Dobrovitskiy   Irina Nazarenko
Aleksandr Tolstikov   Irina Shakhina
Aleksandr Kokin   Marina Konyushina
Aleksandr Levchenkov   Ekaterina Fomenkova
Aleksandr Shimin   Ekaterina Logina
Aleksandr Zorin   Ekaterina Khomik
Aleksandr Sukhov   Ekaterina Shmorina
Aleksandr Nabiullin   Ekaterina Sharafutdinova
Aleksandr Abramov   Ekaterina Kumitskaya
Aleksandr Ivanov   Ekaterina Yarutkina
Aleksandr Ledaschev   Ekaterina Belyaeva
Aleksandrs Bannikovs   Irina Pavlova
Aleksandr Schetkin   Ekaterina Vaskina
Aleksandr Mikunov   Irina Retyunskikh
Aleksandr Pavlenko   Marina Udalaya
Aleksandr Spirin   Ekaterina Zubaryeva
Aleksandr Terentev   Irina Khanova
Aleksandr Akimenko   Ekaterina Pospelova
Aleksandr Kuternin   Irina Kurbatova
Aleksandr Shmonin   Ekaterina Arzhannikova
Aleksandr Yazykov   Ekaterina Chereshneva
Aleksandr Podgorelkin   Ekaterina Kramarenko
Aleksandr Chirkov   Ekaterina Ivanova
Aleksandr Belousov   Ekaterina Belousova
Aleksandrs Kovriga   Katarina Tumasevica
Aleksandr Lunev   Marina Spitsina
Aleksandr Golovenkov   Ekaterina Artemova
Aleksandr Dobrovitskiy   Ekaterina Mayorova
Aleksandrs Kovriga   Jekaterina Hlopova
Aleksandr Soloviev   Irina Babaskina
Aleksandr Berezin   Irina Pechenova
Aleksandr Milioshyn   Karina Myslinova
Aleksandr Netkach   Marina Kirmova
Aleksandr Fedorov   Ekaterina Bogush
Aleksandr Netkach   Marina Kirillova
Aleksandr Paksyitkin   Irina Cherepanskaj
Aleksandr Josipovic   Marina Jeremic
Aleksandr Mogilin   Ekaterina Yakovenko
Aleksandr Poloz   Ekaterina Plaksa
Aleksandr Ermachenkov   Ekaterina Vaganova
Aleksandrs Gulko   Katarina Ziberte
Aleksandr Sharapov   Ekaterina Derevleva
Aleksandr Krupianko   Arina Lelina
Aleksandr Danilov   Ekaterina Zaletova
Aleksandr Tsvetkov   Ekaterina Vaskina
Aleksandr Simakov   Irina Gusyeva
Aleksandr Kuternin   Ekaterina Telnova
Aleksandr Savaskov   Ekaterina Kulishova
Aleksandr Kulakov   Karina Boltneva
Aleksandr Kurenkov   Karina Ptashkovskaya
Aleksandr Goncharov   Marina Borzenkova
Aleksandr Belousov   Irina Samodanova
Aleksandr Lyubutsin   Irina Odintsova
Aleksandr Petunin   Marina Noskova
Aleksandr Zevelev   Ekaterina Simakova
Aleksandr Zhilyakov   Ekaterina Lopatkina
Aleksandr Belyaev   Ekaterina Bogdanova
Aleksandr Garmider   Ekaterina Petukhova
Aleksandr Klimov   Marina Akopian
Aleksandr Dubkov   Irina Arepeva
Aleksandr Porozov   Ekaterina Skripkina
Aleksandr Voronin   Ekaterina Gritskevich
Aleksandr Zimin   Ekaterina Kirillova
Aleksandr Nesterov   Ekaterina Kovadlo
Aleksandr Skopintsev   Ekaterina Kosareva
Aleksandr Tarasenko   Irina Lavrinenko
Aleksandr Markevich   Ekaterina Yankovskaya
Aleksandr Guschin   Marina Bakhmeteva
Aleksandr Kartashov   Irina Konina
Lignius Vaidila   Rina Brandt
Aleksandr Vukosavljevic   Irina Perovic
Aleksandr Khrapov   Ekaterina Malko
Aleksandr Meleshkov   Ekaterina Scherbacheva
Aleksandr Zaika   Karina Schendrygina
Aleksandr Ryabchenko   Arina Sitnikova
Aleksandr Ryabtsev   Yekaterina Maksimova
Aleksandr Slepets   Karina Yanuzakova
Aleksandr Spirin   Irina Biryukova
Aleksandr Kuternin   Irina Bolshakova
Aleksandr Vlasov   Arina Kovalchuk
Aleksandr Galkin   Irina Ryabova
Aleksandr Ermakov   Marina Samgina
Aleksandr Shevchenko   Ekaterina Shevchenko
Aleksandr Tyanigin   Ekaterina Ermakova
Aleksandr Sisekin   Ekaterina Dremanovich
Aleksandr Bazhanov   Marina Spitsina
Aleksandr Pechenkin   Ekaterina Pechenkina
Aleksandr Pudovkin   Ekaterina Volosatova
Aleksandr Chzhen   Ekaterina Sokolova
Aleksandr Ovchinnikov   Irina Kopylova
Aleksandr Titkov   Ekaterina Kotelnik
Aleksandrs Grisukonoks   Marina Dvorecka
Aleksandr Klimkin   Irina Grishina
Aleksandr Nabiullin   Ekaterina Inozemtseva
Aleksandr Aleshin   Irina Aleshina
Aleksandr Sviridov   Ekaterina Kozhina
Aleksandr Muretov   Ekaterina Kirilova
Aleksandr Aksenov   Irina Kukleva
Aleksandr Gusev   Ekaterina Boytsova
Aleksandrs Aniscenko   Katrina Kora Klapere
Aleksandr Logovtsov   Irina Avdeeva
Aleksandr Lisitsyn   Marina Losenkova
Aleksandr Masyukov   Ekaterina Svintsova
Aleksandr Gladyshev   Marina Kudyakova
Aleksandr Pautov   Ekaterina Dyachkova
Aleksandr Veresovoy   Karina Nesterkina
Aleksandr Poretskov   Irina Anisimova
Aleksandr Anisimov   Irina Belyaeva
Aleksandr Nasonov   Ekaterina Tadtaeva
Aleksandr Zhiratkov   Irina Novozhilova
Aleksandr Shevchenko   Ekaterina Shevchenko
Aleksandr Lyubutsin   Irina Odintsova
Aleksandr Shirenin   Ekaterina Fokina
Aleksandr Nyukhalov   Karina Poddubrovskaya
Aleksandr Scherbakov   Ekaterina Sinitsyna
Aleksandr Anisimov   Irina Belyaeva
Aleksandr Muravev   Yekaterina Orlova
Aleksandr Pakhomov   Ekaterina Turkova
Aleksandr Tarasov   Arina Zaika
Aleksandr Mikhaylov   Ekaterina Mikhaylova
Aleksandr Meleshkov   Ekaterina Loboda
Aleksandr Tukachev   Irina Kats
Ugnius Vaidila   Rina Brandt
Aleksandr Mikhalkov   Ekaterina Ulyanova
Aleksandr Tokarev   Irina Chureeva
Aleksandr Ryazanov   Ekaterina Timshina
Aleksandr Melikov   Ekaterina Abushenko
Aleksandr Eroshevich   Marina Fokina
Aleksandr Sheyn   Marina Kuklina
Aleksandr Giss   Ekaterina Lavrova
Aleksandr Zelentsov   Ekaterina Bubnova
Aleksandr Vedischev   Ekaterina Serbina
Aleksandr Gertsen   Katerina Tsatsurina
Aleksandr Sviridov   Arina Babikyan
Aleksandr Pudovkin   Ekaterina Volosatova
Aleksandr Poletaev   Ekaterina Zakharova
Ugnius Vaidil   Rina Brandt
Aleksandr Chzhen   Irina Romanenko
Aleksandr Makusev   Marina Tulp
Aleksandr Ryabtsev   Ekaterina Vyalshina
Aleksandr Boitcov   Irina Gladkikh
Aleksandr Komarov   Ekaterina Pekush
Aleksandr Grama   Karina Neginskaya
Aleksandr Shinelev   Irina Bystrova
Aleksandr Postnyy   Ekaterina Golubeva
Aleksandr Lysenko   Arina Mironova
Aleksandr Kramar   Ekaterina Sidorenko
Aleksandr Galkin   Ekaterina Isakova
Aleksandr Kosarev   Arina Guseva
Aleksandr Shepelev   Irina Firsova
Aleksandr Borisov   Irina Kryukova
Aleksandr Sytezhev   Ekaterina Ivanova
Aleksandr Belugin   Ekaterina Karunina
Aleksandr Kramar   Ekaterina Siderenko
Aleksandr Chzhen   Arina Sadykova
Aleksandr Melnichenko   Katerina Zaytseva
Aleksandr Iorgov   Marina Miteva
Aleksandr Belov   Marina Belova
Aleksandrs Ozerskis   Irina Ozerska
Aliaksandr Samosiuk   Rina Brandt
Aleksandr Porozov   Arina Sokolova
Aleksandr Borisov   Ekaterina Kolbasiuk
Aleksandr Vlasov   Arina Artemova
Aleksandr Zhimalov   Irina Grishina
Aleksandr Romanov   Ekaterina Panteleeva
Aleksandr Andronnikov   Irina Martyushova
Aleksandr Sleptsov   Ekaterina Tihonova
Aleksandr Shinelev   Karina Korolieva
Aleksandr Khromushkin   Arina Shakina
Aleksandr Chadushkin   Irina Chadushkina
Aleksandr Prikul   Irina Akst

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2. Fill in the form and sent it to the webmaster.
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