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Result Service - Couple Information
Alex Koren and Ekaterina Novikova

Name : Alex KorenEkaterina Novikova
City :Not available Not available
Country :Not available Not available
Age :Not available Not available
Occupation :Not available Not available
Hobbies :Not available Not available
Favourite dance :Not available Not available
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Representing country :Not available
Best result :3 at WDSF Rising Stars Open Latin
Anything of public interest :Not available
Main trainers :Not available

Competition age :Adult Latin
Competition(s) recorded :33
Current dance status :Not available
Begin partnership :Not available
End partnership :Not available

First competition recorded
2017-09-23 :: IDSF :: WDSF World Open Latin - Adult Latin - Croatia (place 36)
Last competition recorded
2018-12-02 :: IDSF :: WDSF World Open Latin - Adult Latin - Slovenia (place 24)

All recorded competitions
2018-12-02IDSF - WDSF World Open Latin
Adult Latin
Slovenia(place 24)
2018-11-11IDSF - WDSF World Open Standard
Adult Standard
Poland(place 59)
2018-10-07IDSF - WDSF International Open Latin
Adult Latin
Czech Republic(place 33)
2018-10-07IDSF - WDSF International Open Standard
Adult Standard
Czech Republic(place 27)
2018-09-23IDSF - WDSF World Open Standard
Adult Standard
Slovakia(place 29)
2018-09-16IDSF - WDSF Rising Stars Open Latin
Adult Rising Stars LA
Czech Republic(place 3)
2018-09-16IDSF - WDSF World Open Standard
Adult Standard
Czech Republic(place 53)
2018-09-15IDSF - WDSF Rising Stars Open Standard
Adult Rising Stars ST
Czech Republic(place 16)
2018-09-15IDSF - WDSF World Open Latin
Adult Latin
Czech Republic(place 30)
2018-07-08IDSF - WDSF World Open Standard
Adult Standard
Germany(place 39)
2018-07-08IDSF - WDSF Under 21 Open Latin
Youth Under 21 Latin
Germany(place 4)
2018-07-07IDSF - WDSF World Open Latin
Adult Latin
Germany(place 28)
2018-07-06IDSF - WDSF Under 21 Open Standard
Youth Under 21 Standard
Germany(place 7)
2018-07-06IDSF - WDSF Rising Stars Open Latin
Adult Rising Stars LA
Germany(place 4)
2018-05-20IDSF - WDSF World Open Latin
Adult Latin
Georgia(place 41)
2018-05-19IDSF - WDSF World Championships Under 21 Latin
Youth Under 21 Latin
Georgia(place 80)
2017-12-08IDSF - WDSF International Open Standard
Adult Standard
Italy(place 107)
2017-12-08IDSF - WDSF International Open Latin
Adult Latin
Italy(place 108)
2017-12-03IDSF - WDSF World Open Latin
Adult Latin
Slovenia(place 40)
2017-12-02IDSF - WDSF World Open Standard
Adult Standard
Slovenia(place 42)
2017-11-12IDSF - WDSF International Open Latin
Adult Latin
Czech Republic(place 23)
2017-11-12IDSF - WDSF International Open Standard
Adult Standard
Czech Republic(place 25)
2017-11-05IDSF - WDSF World Open Latin
Adult Latin
Slovenia(place 33)
2017-11-04IDSF - WDSF World Open Standard
Adult Standard
Slovenia(place 29)
2017-11-04IDSF - WDSF World Championship Under 21 Ten Dance
Youth Under 21 10 Dance
Slovenia(place 36)
2017-10-29IDSF - WDSF International Open Latin
Adult Latin
Czech Republic(place 26)
2017-10-28IDSF - WDSF Under 21 Open Standard
Youth Under 21 Standard
Czech Republic(place 5)
2017-10-28IDSF - WDSF Under 21 Open Latin
Youth Under 21 Latin
Czech Republic(place 5)
2017-10-01IDSF - WDSF World Open Latin
Adult Latin
Serbia(place 40)
2017-09-30IDSF - WDSF World Open Standard
Adult Standard
Serbia(place 47)
2017-09-24IDSF - WDSF Open Ten Dance
Adults 10 Dance
Croatia(place 10)
2017-09-23IDSF - WDSF Rising Stars Open Latin
Adult Rising Stars LA
Croatia(place 8)
2017-09-23IDSF - WDSF World Open Latin
Adult Latin
Croatia(place 36)

How to use the Correction tool:
1. Go to the couple information page on were your name is correctly written.
2. Activate the checkbox(es) in front of the names you want to correct into your own.
3. Click on the correct button.
4. Your correct request is sent to the webmaster for approval.
  Male Name   Female Name
Alexandr Fedorov   Ekaterina Bogoush
Alexey Sviatov   Ekaterina Vasileshnikova
Alexei Bartolomei   Ekaterina Shayxmetova
Alexei Artemev   Ekaterina Bobrova
Alexander Bezzubov   Ekaterina Isakovich
Alexandre Panasik   Ekaterina Popova
Alexander Mogolin   Ekaterina Yakovenko
Alexander Tsvetkov   Ekaterina Fumina
Alexander Bliznyuk   Ekaterina Andreeva
Alex Ravdel   Ekaterina Rodina
Alexandr Zorin   Ekaterina Khomik
Artem Akatev   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexei Plakhotnikov   Ekaterina Gontarenko
Alexander Ravdel   Ekaterina Rodina
Alexandre Shevchenko   Ekaterina Kovaleva
Alexey Bartolomey   Ekaterina Shayakhmetova
Alexei Smirnov   Ekaterina Golovina
Alexander Panasik   Ekaterina Popova
Alexandr Domanitskiy   Yekaterina Nikolaeva
Alexey Zakharin   Ekaterina Shvetsova
Alexey Ryabtsev   Ekaterina Kurdyaeva
Alexandr Fedorov   Ekaterina Bougush
Alexsei Boitsov   Ekaterina Fumina
Alexander Gagochkin   Ekaterina Trubina
Alexei Lozhkin   Ekaterina Romanova
Alexandr Fedorov   Ekaterina Bogush
Alexander Timofeev   Ekaterina Glasova
Alexander Fedorov   Ekaterina Bogush
Alexandre Zakharov   Ekaterina Borulina
Alexey Eremenko   Ekaterina Vershinina
Alexander Fedorov   Ekaterina Begush
Alexander Timofeev   Ekaterina Glazova
Alexandr Zaharov   Ekaterina Barulina
Alexey Averianov   Ekaterina Kharlamova
Alexey Fayzov   Ekaterina Lesheva
Alexei Farkash   Ekaterina Butivshchenko
Alexei Khlopkov   Ekaterina Zudova
Alexader Ermachenkov   Ekaterina Vaganova
Alexandr Shmonin   Ekaterina Arzhannikova
Alexander Muretov   Ekaterina Kirillowa
Alexey Belov   Ekaterina Lobovikova
Alexei Smirnov   Ekaterina Popugaeva
Alexander Domanitskiy   Ekaterina Nikolaeva
Konstantin Goryachev   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexandr Beliaev   Ekaterina Bogdanova
Alexandr Zimin   Ekaterina Kirillova
Alexandr Akimenko   Ekaterina Pospelova
Alexandr Danilov   Ekaterina Zaletova
Konstantin Goriachev   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexandr Sorochinsky   Ekaterina Epanova
Alexandr Sukhov   Ekaterina Shmorina
Alexandr Ledashchev   Ekaterina Beliaeva
Alexandr Kuznetsov   Ekaterina Pogrebniak
Alexey Yakimenko   Ekaterina Zlobina
Alexander Danilov   Ekaterina Zaletova
Alexandr Baul   Ekaterina Kravchenko
Alexandr Sisekin   Ekaterina Dremanovich
Alexandr Ostrovsky   Ekaterina Ishina
Alexey Bakhirev   Ekaterina Orlova
Alexandr Shirenin   Emmilia Novikova
Alexandr Meleshkov   Ekaterina Shcherbacheva
Alexey Farkash   Ekaterina Butivshchenko
Alexandr Khrapov   Ekaterina Malko
Alexey Stepin   Ekaterina Barabanova
Alexandr Shevchenko   Ekaterina Shevchenko
Alexander Muretov   Ekaterina Kirillova
Vasiliy Shmonin   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexander Novikov   Alla Novikova
Alexey Shliakhov   Ekaterina Brekhova
Alexey Ishmuratov   Ekaterina Lariushkina
Alexey Butin   Ekaterina Zhuravleva
Andrey Mitrofanov   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexandr Chzhen   Ekaterina Sokolova
Alexander Ryabtsev   Ekaterina Vyalshina
Alexey Troshin   Ekaterina Kirillova
Alexandr Giss   Ekaterina Lavrova
Alexandr Skopintsev   Ekaterina Skopintseva
Alexandr Pakhomov   Ekaterina Turkova
Alexey Bychkov   Ekaterina Naumova
Alexey Larin   Ekaterina Yakovleva
Alexey Parashchenko   Anastasia Novikova
Alexander Markevich   Ekaterina Jankovskaja
Alexey Baykov   Ekaterina Telnova
Alexandre Malikov   Ekaterina Bandorina
Alexey Bakhirev   Ekaterina Bykova
Alexandr Riazanov   Ekaterina Timshina
Alexandr Gertsen   Ekaterina Tsatsurina
Alexandr Komarov   Ekaterina Pekush
Alexandr Pechenkin   Ekaterina Pechenkina
Alexandr Mikhaylov   Ekaterina Petrova
Alexandr Mikhailov   Ekaterina Ulianova
Alexey Degtiarev   Anastasia Novikova
Alexandr Savaskov   Ekaterina Ukhova
Alexandr Poletaev   Ekaterina Zakharova
Alexandr Riabtsev   Ekaterina Vialshina
Alexandr Tsyganov   Ekaterina Prokofieva
Alexandr Belugin   Ekaterina Karunina
Alexey Nazarenko   Ekaterina Tiutiunnikova
Alexey Riabichev   Ekaterina Erashova
Alexey Lukianenko   Ekaterina Kostiuk
Alexandr Mikhaylov   Ekaterina Ulyanova
Alexandr Mikhaylov   Ekaterina Ulianova
Alexandr Malikov   Ekaterina Bandorina
Alexey Chebotar   Ekaterina Khoreva
Alexey Ivantsiv   Ekaterina Shutenko
Alexandr Sokolov   Ekaterina Lavrova
Alexandr Kramar   Ekaterina Sidorenko
Alexey Sorokoumov   Ekaterina Lariushkina
Alexey Lebedev   Ekaterina Gorodetskaya
Alexandr Tavalinsky   Ekaterina Kostina
Alexey Dovgaliuk   Ekaterina Pekush
Alexandr Guzikov   Ekaterina Kuznetsova
Alexandr Kravtsov   Ekaterina Petrova
Alexey Butin   Ekaterina Ignatenko
Alexandr Sokolov   Ekaterina Shaldybina
Alexandr Pudovkin   Ekaterina Volosatova
Alexey Voronin   Ekaterina Pospelova
Alexandr Sentsov   Ekaterina Telnova
Alexandr Komarov   Ekaterina Grigorieva
Alexey Korolev   Ekaterina Rybina
Alexandr Otsechkin   Ekaterina Shalaeva
Alexey Burdakin   Ekaterina Golub
Alexandr Sviridov   Ekaterina Kozhina
Alexey Tavshanchi   Ekaterina Vaskina
Alexandr Rysin   Ekaterina Bochkareva
Alexandr Kobzev   Ekaterina Egorkina
Alexey Lukianchuk   Ekaterina Oleynik
Alexandr Borisov   Ekaterina Kolbasiuk
Alexandr Suslikov   Ekaterina Sorokina
Alexandru Birca   Ekaterina Vyalshina
Sergey Pashinov   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexandr Kuznetsov   Ekaterina Panteleeva
Alexandr Dneprovsky   Ekaterina Sinkova
Alexandr Archinov   Ekaterina Abushenko
Alexandr Merkulov   Ekaterina Abramova
Alexander Vasilenko   Ekaterina Panfilova
Alexandr Merkulov   Ekaterina Mishina
Alexandr Bondarenko   Ekaterina Kopytovskaia
Alexandr Grippa   Ekaterina Kozmidiadi
Alexandr Alkin   Ekaterina Efimenko
Alexandr Romanov   Ekaterina Panteleeva
Daniil Volkov   Ekaterina Novikova
Pavel Lysy   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexey Gelfand   Maria Novikova
Alexandr Shabanov   Ekaterina Alexandrova
Alexey Nazarenko   Ekaterina Morozova
Alexander Tsvetkov   Ekaterina Lachkova
Alexandr Khodenko   Ekaterina Mishina
Alexandr Samokhin   Ekaterina Kolotovkina
Daniil Bokov   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexandr Nazarov   Ekaterina Kulakova
Alexandr Alkin   Ekaterina Farutina
Egor Marinenkov   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexandr Panasiuk   Ekaterina Tikhonova
Alexandr Neizer   Ekaterina Matiyashina
Alexandr Samigullin   Ekaterina Rotan
Alexandr Krestetsky   Ekaterina Shumilina
Alexandr Sysoev   Ekaterina Antoniuk
Alexandr Vasiliev   Ekaterina Popelysh
Alexandr Pruss   Ekaterina Lebedeva
Alexey Stadnikov   Ekaterina Zavgorodnaya
Ivan Kostorechenko   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexandr Shapovalov   Ekaterina Gultseva
Artur Eremenko   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexander Sleptsov   Ekaterina Tikhonova
Alexey Dolda   Ekaterina Zubkova
Alexandr Tsyganov   Ekaterina Vikhareva
Alexey Novikov   Ekaterina Tsareva
Alexandr Tsvetkov   Ekaterina Lachkova
Alexandr Shapovalov   Ekaterina Kuleshova
Alexandr Nabiev   Ekaterina Krasnobaeva
Alexey Kurakin   Ekaterina Vaziulina
Pavel Lysyy   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexandr Lipantiev   Ekaterina Batalova
Alexandr Kuternin   Ekaterina Eliseykina
Alex Freyr Gunnarsson   Ekaterina Bondareva
Alexandr Nazarov   Ekaterina Lebedeva
Alexandr Plotnikov   Ekaterina Onianova
Alexey Khrenchikov   Ekaterina Chekmareva
Alexey Prokofiev   Ekaterina Saltykova
Dmitry Petrakov   Ekaterina Novikova
Dmitriy Petrakov   Ekaterina Novikova
Alexei Hrenchikov   Ekaterina Chekmareva

When to use correct names feature:
1. If on your couple information page the names are incorrectly spelled.
2. Fill in the form and sent it to the webmaster.
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First name female
Family name female