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Great Latin Dress
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Vesa Latin Dance Dress - pink
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Ballroom dress for sale
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Dancing Day Italian atelier ballroom dress
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Stunning Pink SAPIEL Atelier
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Classy Lilac Dress with Swarovski Crystals
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Result Service - Couple Information
Denis Sidorov and Ekaterina Korneva

Name : Denis SidorovEkaterina Korneva
City :Not available Not available
Country :Not available Not available
Age :Not available Not available
Occupation :Not available Not available
Hobbies :Not available Not available
Favourite dance :Not available Not available
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Representing country :Not available
Best result :1 at Kuban Gold 2006
Anything of public interest :Not available
Main trainers :Not available

Competition age :Adult Standard
Competition(s) recorded :46
Current dance status :Not available
Begin partnership :Not available
End partnership :Not available

First competition recorded
2004-09-25 :: National :: Autumn Stars 2004 - Junior II Standard - Russia (place 3)
Last competition recorded
2008-02-09 :: IDSF :: IDSF Open Standard - Adult Standard - Russia (place 31)

All recorded competitions
2008-02-09IDSF - IDSF Open Standard
Adult Standard
Russia(place 31)
2008-01-12National - Russian 10 Dance 2008
Adults 10 Dance
Russia(place 30)
2007-10-28IDSF - IDSF International Open Standard
Adult Standard
Russia(place 52)
2007-10-26National - Russian Open 2007
Youth Standard
Russia(place 6)
2007-08-17IDSF - IDSF Grand Slam Standard
Adult Standard
Germany(place 82)
2007-08-16National - German Open 2007
Youth Standard
Germany(place 7)
2007-08-15National - German Open 2007
Adult Rising Stars ST
Germany(place 30)
2007-07-07IDSF - IDSF Grand Slam Standard
Adult Standard
Italy(place 40)
2007-07-07IDSF - IDSF Youth Open Standard
Youth Standard
Italy(place 8)
2007-07-06National - Italian Open Championship 2007
Under 21 ST
Italy(place 9)
2007-06-30IDSF - IDSF International Open Standard
Adult Standard
Spain(place 29)
2007-04-29National - Tropicana Cup 2007
Under 21 ST
Poland(place 30)
2007-04-21National - Tropicana Cup 2007
Youth 10 Dance
Poland(place 8)
2007-04-20IDSF - IDSF Open Standard
Adult Standard
Poland(place 12)
2007-02-18National - Copenhagen Open 2007
Youth Latin
Denmark(place 11)
2007-02-11National - Russian Club Cup 2007
Youth Standard
Russia(place 6)
2007-02-10National - Russian Club Cup 2007
Youth Latin
Russia(place 31)
2006-12-03National - Let's Dance 2006
Youth Standard
Russia(place 14)
2006-12-02National - Let's Dance 2006
Youth Latin
Russia(place 12)
2006-11-28National - Kuban Gold 2006
Youth Standard
Russia(place 1)
2006-11-28National - Kuban Gold 2006
Adult Standard
Russia(place 8)
2006-11-19National - Kuban Gold 2006
Youth Latin
Russia(place 3)
2006-10-29IDSF - IDSF International Open Standard
Adult Standard
Russia(place 102)
2006-10-24National - Russian Open 2006
Adult Rising Stars LA
Russia(place 167)
2006-10-01National - Moscow Lights 2006
Youth Standard
Russia(place 11)
2006-09-30National - Moscow Lights 2006
Youth Latin
Russia(place 17)
2006-08-18IDSF - IDSF Grand Slam Standard
Adult Standard
Germany(place 123)
2006-08-17National - German Open 2006
Youth Standard
Germany(place 38)
2006-08-16National - German Open 2006
Adult Rising Stars ST
Germany(place 49)
2006-08-15National - German Open 2006
Youth 10 Dance
Germany(place 45)
2006-05-09National - Victory Waltz 2006
Youth Standard
Russia(place 6)
2006-05-08IDSF - IDSF Open Standard
Adult Standard
Russia(place 36)
2006-03-04IDSF - IDSF Open Standard
Adult Standard
Russia(place 22)
2006-02-18National - Russian Youth Standard 2006
Youth Standard
Russia(place 66)
2006-01-07National - Orthodox Christmas 2006
Youth Standard
Russia(place 13)
2005-10-30IDSF - IDSF International Open Standard
Adult Standard
Russia(place 98)
2005-10-26National - Russian Open 2005
Youth Latin
Russia(place 237)
2005-10-26National - Russian Open 2005
Adult Rising Stars ST
Russia(place 48)
2005-09-11National - Black See Cup 2005
Youth Standard
Russia(place 1)
2005-09-10National - Black See Cup 2005
Youth 10 Dance
Russia(place 8)
2005-09-10National - Black See Cup 2005
Youth Latin
Russia(place 12)
2005-04-23National - Alians Cup 2005
Youth Latin
Russia(place 9)
2005-04-23National - Alians Cup 2005
Youth Standard
Russia(place 7)
2004-10-19National - Russian Open 2004
Junior Rising Stars ST
Russia(place 6)
2004-10-19National - Russian Open 2004
Junior Rising Stars LA
Russia(place 115)
2004-09-25National - Autumn Stars 2004
Junior II Standard
Russia(place 3)

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1. Go to the couple information page on were your name is correctly written.
2. Activate the checkbox(es) in front of the names you want to correct into your own.
3. Click on the correct button.
4. Your correct request is sent to the webmaster for approval.
  Male Name   Female Name
Denis Poplavski   Ekaterina Syrykh
Denis Davidov   Ekaterina Kobzina
Denis Bragin   Ekaterina Luneva
Denis Chepizubov   Ekaterina Kuleva
Denis Bragin   Ekaterina Lunyova
Denis Maslov   Ekaterina Fedotova
Denis Ermolin   Ekaterina Ermolina
Denis Olimpiev   Ekaterina Olimpieva
Denis Borodey   Ekaterina Krutikova
Denis Vlasenko   Ekaterina Dolia
Denis Cheremukhin   Ekaterina Monakhova
Denis Kulagin   Ekaterina Formaleva
Denis Buga   Ekaterina Osetrova
Denis Popov   Ekaterina Belik
Denis Mukhin   Ekaterina Orlova
Denis Butuzov   Ekaterina Khafisova
Denis Moukhine   Ekaterina Orlova
Denis Boutouzov   Ekaterina Khafisova
Mikhail Khuzhayarov   Ekaterina Korneva
Denis Kulaguin   Ekaterina Formaleva
Denis Bozhchenko   Ekaterina Vereschagina
Denis Tyutryumov   Ekaterina Kolupakhina
Denis Skornyakov   Ekaterina Kalish
Denis Denisenko   Ekaterina Andreeva
Denis Krasikov   Ekaterina Kirillova
Denis Migunovs   Jekaterina Lapitseva
Denis Nekhoroshkov   Ekaterina Khlebnikova
Denis Sultanov   Ekaterina Shomina
Denis Migunov   Jekaterina Lapitseva
Denis Apashkin   Ekaterina Teremkova
Denis Tyagunov   Ekaterina Chuykova
Denis Tiagunov   Ekaterina Chuykova
Denis Migunov   Ekaterina Lapitseva
Denis Nekhoroshkov   Ekaterina Kazantseva
Denis Prokopchuk   Ekaterina Selivanova
Denis Sidorov   Natalia Polukhina
Denis Chernov   Ekaterina Vereschagina
Andrey Kornev   Ekaterina Korneva
Denis Novikov   Ekaterina Tregubova
Denis Popov   Ekaterina Abramova
Denis Artyushenko   Ekaterina Maslikova
Denis Kravchuk   Ekaterina Parshutina
Denis Sidorov   Kristina Pozdnyakova
Denis Ananev   Ekaterina Sizova
Denis Sultanov   Ekaterina Shelekhova
Denis Kurbatov   Ekaterina Osovskaya
Denis Andriyanov   Ekaterina Naymushina
Denis Krasikov   Ekaterina Kim
Denis Vakhrushev   Yekaterina Kabisheva
Denis Sidorov   Natalya Makarova
Denis Krivonogov   Ekaterina Chuykova
Denis Vakhrushev   Ekaterina Kabysheva
Denis Leontev   Ekaterina Zubenko
Denis Leontiev   Ekaterina Zubenko
Denis Pokhitaylo   Ekaterina Ignatenko
Denis Shichkin   Ekaterina Grishko
Denis Andrianov   Ekaterina Naymushina
Denis Belik   Ekaterina Sinkova
Denis Zheltukhin   Ekaterina Kachalova
Denis Vasiliev   Ekaterina Talanina
Denis Karelov   Ekaterina Gorozhankina
Denis Tsybizov   Ekaterina Kovaleva
Denis Karpov   Ekaterina Konchugova
Denis Chistiakov   Ekaterina Kopytovskaia
Denis Samarov   Ekaterina Riabogina
Denis Perepelov   Ekaterina Sporova
Denis Korovin   Ekaterina Avramenko
Denis Polevoy   Ekaterina Degtyar
Denis Zuev   Ekaterina Glushkova
Denis Belik   Ekaterina Konashenko
Denis Zhitkevich   Ekaterina Kurchina

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1. If on your couple information page the names are incorrectly spelled.
2. Fill in the form and sent it to the webmaster.
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