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VESA dress for sale!
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Stunning Turquoise made for Blackpool
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Original and remarkable latin dress
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Size: XSmall-Small
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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :GOC Rising Stars Open Latin
City :Stuttgart
Country :Germany
Date :Wednesday, 08-12-2015
Association :IDSF
Disipline :Latin
Type :Open
Age :Adult Rising Stars LA

Result Service - Results

Result Service / GOC Rising Stars Open Latin / Adult Rising Stars LA
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
1Nikita Pavlov - Ekaterina Sharanova Russian Federation
2Adria Martos Serra - Katerina Paraschou Spain
3Razvan Florin Dumitrescu - Jaqueline Joos Austria
4Jia Ming Li - Ziwei Li China
5Ayan Zhumataev - Liya Kazbekova Kazakhstan
6Andrea Bolzoni - Anna Stedile Italy
Semi Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
7Leonid Tishkin - Vanesa Maneva Bulgaria
7Kostantyn Samarskyy - Isabelle Tay Singapore
7Dimitrii Cernei - Oona Oinas Finland
10Yuriy Lioli - Valeriya Remina Russian Federation
10Lorenzo Sica - Mie Lincke Funch Denmark
10Vladimir Tkachuk - Violetta Dzenik Russian Federation
13Rosario Renda - Santina Gambino Italy
Quarter Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
14Lars Erik Pastor - Ecaterina Petrova Germany
15Gu Qingwu - Yulia Steshenko China
15Shinawat Lergon - Krittaporn Manasuth Thailand
17Yumiya Kubota - Rara Kubota Photos of couple available  Japan
17Jing Zhu - Bangbang Yan China
19Sergey Minaev - Angelina Troshina Russian Federation
19Marius Toperczer Muresan - Claudia Ketonen Finland
21Frank Zegels - Laura Zegels Jottay Photos of couple available  Netherlands
22Ivan Karastoianov - Gabriela Burgazlieva Bulgaria
23Evgeniy Sveridonov - Angelina Barkova Russian Federation
24Jakub Perzanowski - Karolina Skowyrska Poland
25Gerald Jamili - Cherry Clarice Parcon Philippines
26Vitaliy Zakharov - Zala Fuchs Slovenia
Round 4
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
27Alexis Leonardo - Justine Reynaud France
28Aleksey Kibkalo - Tatyana Kogadey Kyrgistan
28Fabian Taeschner - Darja Titowa Germany
30Yaclav Masaryk - Klara Chovancikova Czech Republic
30Eric Damian - Cezara Banu Romania
30Arthur Ankerstein - Georgiana Barbu Germany
33Lukas Petkevicius - Ugne Kamarauskaite Lithuania
33Silviu Turcan - Ekaterina Petrova Moldova
35Lukas Chmelik - Zuzana Stastna Photos of couple available  Czech Republic
35Petter Engan - Kine Mardal Norway
35Damian Makowski - Malgorzata Borsuk Poland
35Li Mingxuan - Zhou Wan Ting China
39Marco De Angelis - Alice Fabrizi Italy
40Liu Nai Ming - Wei Rui Photos of couple available  China
40Marts Punins - Dana Jakobsone Latvia
40Chan Hing Wai - Tin Lai Ki Photos of couple available  Hong Kong
43Aleksandr Ivanov - Mariya Usanina Russian Federation
44Michael Milli - Margherita Pellettieri Italy
45Michail Dezhurov - Yelena Borovskaya Kazakhstan
45Salvatore Termini - Federica Cillari Italy
47Dragos Ana - Darya Gerenchuk Germany
48Michael Angelo Marquez - Stephanie Sabalo Philippines
49Lars Olav Eltervaag - Alexandra Ciosinska Norway
Round 3
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
50Valeriy Pavlov - Kristina Garifullina Russian Federation
51David Diaz Falcon - Mireia Balada Sanchez Spain
51Stanislav Shteynberg - Polina Sukhneva Russian Federation
53Andreas Cibis - Victoria Kleinfelder Photos of couple available  Germany
53Alon Mugerman - Tal Kogan Israel
55Markus Ranta - Alisa Heino Finland
56Nikita Gubaydullin - Elena Belousova Russian Federation
57Ignat Calasnic - Olivia Gjelfort Denmark
58Alejandro Jimenez Garabaya - Paula Braojos Spain
58Luo Shun - Cui Can China Qinhuangdao
58Stefan Malin Sofroni - Anastasia Stan Moldova
61Edvinas Ringys - Aiste Survilaite Lithuania
61Alessandro Cuoco - Olga Kosareva Switzerland
61Edgaras Baltaragis - Indre Kucinskaite Photos of couple available  Lithuania
64Brodie Barden - Lana Skrgic De-Fonseka Photos of couple available  Australia
64Vlad Donosa - Otilia Gologan Romania
64Vitaliy Scherbakov - Juliana Menzinskaja Russian Federation
67Shang Zhehao - Xie Wanyu People'S Republic Of China
67Errol Williamson - Ami Williamson Denmark
67Maksim Pavlov - Aleksandra Kuznetsova Russian Federation
67Dmitriy Lugin - Darya Tkachenko Russian Federation
67Kazuki Hachiya - Madoka Minakawa Japan
67Roman Besedin - Valeriya Dolmogombetova Russian Federation
73Lei Jiaming - Lin Zi Xuan China
73Azat Koshirbaev - Alima Niyazbekova Kazakhstan
73Aleksandr Romanov - Ekaterina Panteleeva Russian Federation
76Zhu Yingzhou - Chunyu Mao China
76Evgenyi Smirnov - Oksana Motyshen Russian Federation
76AndráS JüTtner - Renata Smidova Austria
79Lin Yuan Biao - Zhao Han China
80Mantas Kirvelis - Viktorija Senker Lithuania
80Maksym Kravchenko - Stephanie Dany Zimmeck Latvia
82Antonio Tarantino - Anna Goglia Italy
83Chen Junan - Yu Qiu Fan China
83Alexandru Valentin Dumitru - Ekaterini Kratira Greece
85Ondrej Sliska - Daniela Valjentova Czech Republic
86Stanislav Vares - Karine Lindholm Norway
86Man Rulin - Lu Meiyu People'S Republic Of China
86Erhan Kus - Seda Arigul Turkey
86Armand Fazullin - Klaudia Iwanska Poland
86Jason Cicard - Regina Klyaynfelder France
91Catalin Mihu - Maria Lie Ramella Norway
92Aleksandr Dobrovolskyy - Valeriia Shkyria Ukraine
93Eugen Plotnikov - Sophie SchüTz Photos of couple available  Germany
93Adrian Fontenla Barinaga - Olga Abrazhevich Byelorussia
95Kim Seongbok - Kim Min Ju Korea
96Jesus Blazquez - Sara Salvador Photos of couple available  Spain
Round 2
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
97Evgeniy Yanchenko - Vitalina Gigashvili Russian Federation
97Nicola Leprai - Martina Restuccia Italy
97Alexander Horn - Valeria JäGer Photos of couple available Profile page present and updated Germany
97Arturs Freimanis - Zaklina Sola Latvia
97Chua Zjen Fong - Evon Chong Profile page present and updated Malaysia
97Pedro Eugenio - Carla Silva Portugal
97Nicolo Barbizi - Julie Gravesen Denmark
104Wang Ying - Du Jiaze People'S Republic Of China
104Vladimirs Volozaninovs - Paula Kukute Latvia
104Hui Nan Shao - Yi Wei China
104Roman Redzyuk - Yelizaveta Basiuk Ukraine
104Puttisit Promna - Nattanicha Ittisophonpisarn Thailand
104Wojciech Potaszkin - Karen Byrne England
104Cristian Pontarelli - Lisa Dalla Pozza Photos of couple available  Italy
104Faruhdzhan Mamadzhanov - Nadezhda Burau Kazakhstan
104Artem Lazarev - Amalie Stampe Denmark
104Stefano Galletto - Carlotta Bollea Italy
114Jorgen Buse - Tenna Bloch Petersen Denmark
114Oleh Sokyrka - Deborah Rufinelli Italy
116Pedro Vieira - Soraia Oliveira Portugal
116Denis Seregin - Anastasiya Vayradyan Russian Federation
116Peter Rupp - Sabine Deck Germany
116Boris Peyss - Lisa Marie Bauer Germany
120Lorenzo Alberetti - Martina Dionigi Italy
120Yun Ho Kim - Ku Chae Lim Korea
120Bu Rongcheng - Sang Yutong People'S Republic Of China
123Aleksandr Tarasov - Anna Gerlyand Russian Federation
123Tim Puts - Peia Prawiro Atmodjo Netherlands
123Alexandru Florin Nitoiu - Alexandra Mihaela Simeanu Romania
123Justinas Mejeris - Neda Andriekute Lithuania
123Joel Marques - Sara LourençO Portugal
128Marcos Fernandez Fernandez - Ines Minana Spain
128Zi Ye Xu - Nai Yu Zhang China
128Luo Yao - Xin Zhang China
131Przemyslaw Wojszel - Magdalena Kowal Poland
131Jonathan Maier - Romy Kuhlmann Germany
131Vladimir Fedorov - Darya Kozlova Russian Federation
131Nuno Andrade - Ana Rita Paiva Portugal
135Jan Albeck - Alice Ligouis Germany
135Francesco Cattafe - Elisa Tiberio Italy
135Park Sang Duk - Mon Boyoung Korea
135Sum Chun Ng - Wai Yi Lam Hong Kong
139Laszlo Kalmar - Kastanja Rauhala Finland
140Sergey Ternovskikh - Valeriya Afanaseva Russian Federation
140Alessio Cona - Silvia Bolognesi Italy
142DéNes BöDi - Diana Gyurits Hungary
142Egor Kondratenko - Evangeline Norgaard Denmark
142Denis Makarov - Kseniya Prokusheva Russian Federation
142Alexander Mikailov - Rocio AceñA Spain
146Vyacheslav Dobrov - Yana Lvova Russian Federation
146Adrian Jamaly - Vitalina Porshnyeva Germany
146Matej Madeja - Lenka Sepelová Slovakia
149Liu Yihong - Zhou Xiaotong China
150Klemens Hofer - Barbara Westermayer Austria
150Ricardas Sinkevicius - Laura Avizenyte Lithuania
152Matteo Pappa - Arianna Del Frate Italy
153Fabio Landolfi - Angela Landolfi Switzerland
154Kevin Santana - Ana Carolina Faustino Portugal
155Qu Jia Hui - Wu Jiaxi People'S Republic Of China
155Ruo Tong Wang - Bo Yi Liu China
157Philipp Valov - Uliana Valova Kazakhstan
158You Sung Hwang - Ji Su Kim Korea
Round 1
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
159Aleksey Bykov - Darya Dormidontova Russian Federation
159Mathieu Marechal - Svetlana GuggenbüHl Switzerland
159Dominik Vodicka - Olga Voronina Czech Republic
162Vincent Costanzo - Nicole See Germany
163Giuseppe Castro - Valeria Castro Germany
163Hans Christian Kogsboll - Charlotte Winding Larsen Denmark
165Dmitriy Stepantsov - Kseniya Sablina Russian Federation
165Giuseppe Megna - Elisa Termini Italy
165Jia Wen Li - Han Xu China
168Federico Del Vescovo - Marta Belloni Italy
168Remus Tan - Riane Low Singapore
168Zeng Siyuan - Wang Yaxin People'S Republic Of China
168Joakim Rosendahl - Stine OvergåRd Andersen Sweden
168Igor Litvinov - Valeriya Kabieva Russian Federation
168Sergey Kostenko - Ulyana Arkhangelskaya Russian Federation
168Sergio Costa - Ana Rita Almeida Portugal
168Till Ameln - Viktoria Schaaf Germany
176Tim Bersheminski - Maria Privalova Germany
176David BüChel - Flavia Landolfi Switzerland
176Dusan Grula - Giada Cragnolini Slovakia
179Marvin Ochs - Lydia Bruel Germany
179Nahuel Carballo - Carolina Ruiz Rodriguez Spain
179Lingfeng Bei - Zhiqi Zeng China
182Jan Phillip Dethloff - Elena BröCkelmann Germany
182Georgian Alin Ion - Maria Daniela Vasile Romania
182Dmitry Korolev - Ekaterina Tsarik Russian Federation
182David Lopez Fernandez - Jessica Garcia Perez Spain
186Benedikt Seigner - Sandra Schussler Germany
186Evgeniy Pavlos - Polina Loran Russian Federation
186Giuseppe Morsello - Dilovan Arslan Germany
186Adan Fernandez Jimenez - Mariela Robles Spain
190GonçAlo Filipe Ferreira - Patricia Carmo Portugal
190Domenico Franzo - Alexandra Mavlutova Germany
190Anders Koch - Victoria Ore Petersen Denmark
190BjöRn Pemer - Katja Lujan Engelholm Sweden
194Daniil Ukhin - Svetlana Mineeva Russian Federation
194Merkys Midvikas - Goda Simaityte Lithuania
194Paul Frlicka - Ruth Svandova Czech Republic
197Christoph Dres - Jasmin Welsch Germany
197Matti Kaksonen - Silja Rantala Finland
197Christoph MüLler - Isabella Steinbach Austria
197Marc Roswag - Jasmin Kostorz Germany
201Kordian Zagaja - Ewa Zylinska Poland
201Thomas Renkel - Saskia Beck Photos of couple available  Germany
201Fabio Pina - Casinia Ciobanu Portugal
201Alexei Melentii - Raluca Avram Romania
201Jeffrey Den Bekker - Larissa Sneek Photos of couple available Profile page present and updated Netherlands
206Markus Kayl - Franziska Mennicke Gelb-Schwarz-Casino MüNchen
206Christopher Mariegaard - Kamilla Koue-Mortensen Denmark
208Tobias Wozniak - Maria Hirnich Germany
208Kai Sum Liu - Wan Hin Liu Hong Kong
208Dennis Lienerth - Franziska Schaaf Germany
208Wan Man Ho Gordon - Lok Yiu Tang Hong Kong
208Ze Xi Fu - Xue Bai China
208Ryuta Ebihara - Yuki Furuhata Japan
214Sverre Orjasaeter Fjellstad - Ronja Ostensvik Norway
214Anton Koznov - Svetlana Koznova Russian Federation
214Ruben Novelli - Giorgia Ghibaudo Italy
214Nguyen Thanh Truc - Danh Nguyen Thuy Trang Vietnam
214Han Ziyang - Hu Xue China
219Christian Frey - Lisa Pumilia Germany
220Vladislav Borisov - Evgeniya Ermakova Germany
220Sean Mahendren - Pin Gan Singapore
220Arthur Weingardt - Sandra Jessica Daniel Tsc Dancepoint KöNigsbrunn
220Nick Williams - Charmaine Chan England
224Jakob Wetsch - Meike Kerscher Casino Club Cannstatt
224Liu Zhi Wen - Li Ni China
224Michael Walter - Christina Walter Austria
224Robert Micallef - Anna Kalinichenko Malta
224Saverio Costante - Laura Campanile Germany
229Kevin Altergot - Diana Schell Germany
229Cheung Cheuk Him - Ho Hei Man Hong Kong
229Thilo Nast - Svenja Madeleine Riepen Germany
232Matthias Klon - Janina Beck Germany
232Alexander Hobbs - Patrycja Zbrzezna Switzerland
232Hendrik Dubbe - Sarah Smirek Germany
232Tudor Calin Broasca - Adina Dumitrascu Romania
236Denis Korchagin - Anastasiya Gerasimenko Russian Federation
237Carsten Ziegler - Jana Hoffmann Germany
237Daniel Siebrecht - Lisa-Maria Marquardt Ttc Rot-Weiß Freiburg
237Laurens Neuhaus - Shelley Van Haalen Photos of couple available  Netherlands
237Wiseman Ndlela - Mbatha Thobile South Africa
237Pietro Celetti - Laura Amonini Switzerland
237George Borisov - Ada Au England
237Sven-Olaf Andersen - Alessa Drews GrüN-Gold-Club Bremen
244Patrik Szabados - Dora Kersak Hungary
244Aaron Zammit - Marylene Spiteri Malta
246Stephan BöGner - Daniela Weimar Germany
246Markus Lang - Martina Geser Germany
248Stefan Eisemann - Sandra Eisemann Germany
248Andrei Mik - Franziska Doll Germany