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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :WDSF Grand Slam Standard
City :Moscow
Country :Russian Federation
Date :Saturday, 10-27-2018
Association :IDSF
Disipline :Standard
Type :Grand Slam
Age :Adult Standard

Result Service - Results

Result Service / WDSF Grand Slam Standard / Adult Standard
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
1Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
2Evaldas Sodeika - Ieva Zukauskaite Photos of couple available  Lithuania
3Evgeny Moshenin - Dana Spitsyna Russian Federation
4Alexey Glukhov - Anastasia Glazunova Russian Federation
5Vaidotas Lacitis - Veronika Golodneva Photos of couple available  Lithuania
6Anton Skuratov - Alena Uehlin Photos of couple available  Germany
Semi Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
7Madis Abel - Aleksandra Galkina Estonia
8Evgeny Nikitin - Anastasia Miliutina Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
9Tomas Fainsil - Violetta Posmetnaya Lithuania
10Vasily Kirin - Ekaterina Prozorova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
11Qiu Yuming - Wei Liying People'S Republic Of China
12Cojoc Rares - Matei Andreea Romania
Quarter Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
13Vadim Shurin - Anastasia Meshkova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
14Edgars Linis - Eliza Ancane Photos of couple available  Latvia
15Pasquale Farina - Sofie Koborg Photos of couple available  Denmark
16Dmitri Kolobov - Signe Busk Photos of couple available  Denmark
17Mateusz Brzozowski - Justyna Mozdzonek Poland
18Dariusz Mycka - Madara Freiberga Poland
19Ivan Varfolomeev - Valeria Remina Russian Federation
20Daniil Ulanov - Kateryna Isakovych Ukraine
21Evgeny Sveridonov - Angelina Barkova Russian Federation
22Anton Besedin - Ekaterina Strelkova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
23Marco Sirocchi - Kilin Dora Photos of couple available  Romania
24Dmitry Pleshkov - Anastasia Kulbeda Russian Federation
25Nicolas Ballester - Simona Gentile Esp
Round 4
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
26Alexey Bredikhin - Daria Bredikhina Russian Federation
27Alessandro Bosco - Laura Nolan Ireland
28Boris Basin - Elizaveta Shchekina Russian Federation
28Egor Romaniuk - Maria Ermolaeva Rus
30Matteo Del Gaone - Ekaterina Utkina Russian Federation
31Stepan Podduev - Margarita Sibeleva Russian Federation
32Andrea Roccatti - Flaminia Iannone Italy
32Marco Bodini - Kristina Charitonovaite Italy
34Maxim Pugachev - Kira Oxas Russian Federation
34Ivan Reshetnikov - Elizaveta Kharinova Russian Federation
36Semen Khrzhanovskiy - Elizaveta Lykhina Russian Federation
36Ilia Rotar - Silvia Susanne Barjabin Estonia
38Alexandr Ryabtsev - Maria Oblakova Russian Federation
38Evgeny Nikitin - Irina Firsova Russian Federation
38Kirill Kuznetsov - Ekaterina Borisova Rus
41Alexey Barkov - Anna Vaniashkina Rus
41Oleg Chzhen - Alina Ageeva Russian Federation
43Gleb Bannikov - Maria Smirnova Russian Federation
43Marius Ilciukas - Olga Goltsova Lithuania
43Alexey Chebotar - Ekaterina Khoreva Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
46Aliaksandr Samosiuk - Yana Tudvaseva Profile page present and updated Belarus
46Nikolay Mugalimov - Maria Avramova Russianfederation
48Vladislav Palagniuk - Valeriya Menyaylo Russian Federation
48Danila Shinkov - Alexandra Svintsova Russian Federation
Round 3
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
50Egor Starchenko - Daria Rodina Russian Federation
50Kirill Vlasov - Kristina Polunina Russian Federation
50Pasquale Sirica - Lea Rey Fra
50Mikhail Khasanov - Karina Kornilova Rus
50Dominykas Granskas - Helene Spilling Nor
50Diago Gibilterra - Patricija Belousova Ita
56Yury Batyrev - Elizaveta Gurianova Russian Federation
57Nikita Shipitsin - Anna Zakharova Russian Federation
58Mikhail Schastiev - Anastasia Diagileva Russian Federation
58Marat Khannanov - Vitalina Mariashina Russian Federation
58Ilya Gasanov - Liudmila Raevskaya Russian Federation
58Stanislav Badanov - Olga Khrebtova Rus
62Georgy Kalashnikov - Domile Semeskeviciute Ltu
62Gleb Zaytsev - Svetlana Rubina Rus
64Andrey Loginov - Nadezhda Yashkina Russian Federation
64Maxim Sitkin - Svetlana Karpova Russian Federation
64Eric Izakson - Mishel Magera Israel
64Edgaras Baltaragis - Indre Kucinskaite Photos of couple available  Lithuania
68Anton Larionov - Elizaveta Tkachenko Rus
68Stanislav Slomchinsky - Elizaveta Denisova Russian Federation
70Pavel Yankov - Anastasia Orlovskaya Rus
70Vladislav Tolstikov - Natalia Beloshapko Russian Federation
70Dmitry Stepantsov - Ksenia Sablina Russian Federation
73Andrey Ivanov - Anastasiya Popova Rus
73Stanislav Moiseev - Maria Moiseeva Russian Federation
73Dmitry Pozdniakov - Anastasia Mikhaleva Rus
76Volodymyr Kasilov - Yulia Dreier Switzerland
76Kirill Levchenko - Alina Pakhomova Russia
76Mstislav Kazakov - Alena Kazakova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
76Yaroslav Bondarenko - Valeria Bogomolova Rus
80Tagir Yusupov - Julia Mokretsova Russian Federation
81Pavel Strelkov - Arina Artemova Russian Federation
82Alexandru Pogor - Katrina Rose Briony North England
82Rustam Abdrakhmanov - Alexandra Shipilova Rus
84Anton Kireyeu - Elina Viadzenikava Belarus
84Kirill Proshutinsky - Karina Pushkareva Russian Federation
84Oleg Yasinsky - Kristina Piatina Arm
87Danil Stankovich - Olga Korzhakova Russian Federation
87Valentin Desinov - Margarita Khusainova Rus
87Evgeny Denisov - Liudmila Vashunina Rus
87Nikita Bykov - Sofia Sosnina Russian Federation
91Roman Glavatsky - Victoria Puchina Russian Federation
91Dmitry Leliukhin - Alena Fedorik Rus
93Evgeny Zverev - Maria Korobova Russian Federation
93Dmitry Larin - Olga Kunafina Russian Federation
95Vladimir Kotorov - Anna Shevyreva Rus
96Araik Balasian - Anastasia Sergeeva Russian Federation
96Ivan Marochkin - Victoria Fomina Russian Federation
Round 2
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
98Alexandr Milovatskiy - Ksenia Ayginina Rus
99Anton Rodichkin - Tatiana Nikolaeva Russian Federation
99Maxim Yakimov - Anna Onianova Rus
99Dmitry Portnov - Julia Varfolomeeva Russian Federation
102Ivan Subbotin - Elena Pleshchenko Russian Federation
103Emil Kashapov - Liubov Savrova Rus
104Denis Makarov - Ksenia Prokusheva Russian Federation
104Ivan Krotov - Ekaterina Sidorova Rus
106Petr Matsarsky - Anastasia Kuvaldina Rus
106Artem Kolesnikov - Oxana Matvienko Rus
106Nikita Goltsov - Anastasia Spirina Russian Federation
109Egor Sidorov - Svetlana Migashko Rus
110Denis Korovin - Valeria Okhremenko Rus
111Alexey Groo - Maria Kalinchenko Rus
111Igor Antipov - Anastasia Rumiantseva Rus
113Vladislav Iliushenov - Natalia Yakovleva Rus
114Sergey Balabanov - Polina Maxina Russian Federation
114Egor Runovsky - Alena Soboleva Russian Federation
116Elisey Beliaev - Ekaterina Ivanova Russian Federation
117Gleb Sekachev - Polina Palchikovskaya Russian Federation
118Alexey Degtiarev - Kamilla Gvazava Rus
118Anton Ermakov - Anastasia Znobina Rus
118Ilya Kniazev - Maria Matskevich Rus
118Igor Smirnov - Anastasia Shcherbakova Russian Federation
122Maxim Proskurin - Arina Bortnikova Rus
122Marat Azizov - Maria Korotkova Rus
124Nikita Makarov - Maria Timokhina Russian Federation
124Stanislav Mamonov - Polina Slivkina Rus
124Alexey Mitriashin - Elizaveta Reutova Russian Federation
124Yaroslav Spirin - Natalia Egorova Rus
128Andrey Vinogradov - Olga Beda Rus
128Yaroslav Sherenkov - Maria Nikitina Russian Federation
128Denis Korchagin - Yana Surkont Russian Federation
131Maxim Tatarnikov - Maria Margulis Rus
131Alexandr Nazarov - Ekaterina Lebedeva Rus
131Sergey Korotkov - Natalia Yurchenko Rus
131Konstantin Baranov - Anastasia Shipikova Rus
135Ruslan Aliev - Maria Ezhovkina Rus
136Mikhail Sufianov - Anastasia Bormotova Russian Federation
136Alexey Surzhin - Arina Eliseeva Rus
136Mikhail Klimenkov - Ekaterina Magaeva Russian Federation
136Ilya Kaluzhsky - Valeria Voronova Rus
140Stanislav Kozlov - Daria Kuznetsova Rus
140Leonid Zobnin - Aleksandra Evnevich Russian Federation
142Ivan Zolotukhin - Victoria Istomina Rus
142Alexandr Shapiro - Nadezhda Raldugina Russian Federation
142Egor Punin - Arina Makieva Rus
142Sergei Ponkin - Kseniia Kyrova Rus
142Danil Pakhomov - Nadezhda Luzina Russian Federation
142Maxim Golovanov - Diana Filatova Rus
142Daniil Davidov - Sofiya Borisenko Rus
142Sergey Chekhonin - Elena Nikulina Rus
150Dmitry Ovcharenko - Anastasia Todorova Russian Federation
150Alexandr Pelogeevsky - Vera Dmitrieva Rus
150Zakhar Sudakov - Sofia Lizunova Russian Federation
150Konstantin Tiurin - Maria Skokova Russian Federation
150Evgeny Magazinshchikov - Polina Rybakova Russian Federation
150Stanislav Bogdanovsky - Alevtina Popova Russian Federation
150Aydar Aleshin - Anastasia Martirosova Rus
157Nikolay Zuev - Elizaveta Soboleva Rus
157Stanislav Grigoriev - Anastasia Galkina Rus
159Daniil Afanasiev - Evgenia Spektor Russian Federation
159Daniil Volgin - Uliana Degtiareva Rus
159Stanislav Svede-Shvets - Anastasia Zinchenko Russian Federation
159Maxim Nevalenny - Victoria Shchepeleva Rus
159Maxim Nemykin - Anna Kozhakina Rus
159Victor Kudiakin - Arina Arseniuk Rus
159Ilya Kliukin - Marianna Kutsenko Rus
159Maksim Belousov - Alexandra Makhrova Russian Federation
159Andrey Anisimov - Anna Kirichok Rus
168Anatoly Nesterov - Angelina Diachkova Rus
169Roman Zhebulev - Valeria Stovbun Rus
169Aleksandr Matorin - Evgenia Lenskaya Rus
169Nikolay Elistratov - Arina Baranova Russian Federation
169Eduard Abdrakhmanov - Anastasia Zolotukhina Rus
Round 1
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
173Iurii Popkov - Viktoria Lavrova Rus
174Leonid Likhachev - Olga Likhacheva Rus
175Ivan Buga - Ekaterina Shabalina Rus
175Fedor Gribakov - Anna Suvorova Russian Federation
177Mikhail Sokolovsky - Anastasia Maltseva Rus
178Anatoly Serkin - Mariya Chernigovskaya Rus
179Aleksei Grishaev - Daria Galkina Rus
180Alexey Sveshnikov - Elizaveta Dorozhkina Rus
181Vitaly Vinogradov - Anna Kostiunina Rus
182Kirill Novoselsky - Margarita Sokolova Rus
183Vadim Mubarakshin - Ilona Gileva Rus
184Konstantin Voronin - Anna Rubenkova Rus
185Pavel Shurekov - Yulia Babina Rus
186Alexey Kurakin - Elizaveta Zvecharovskaya Rus
187Maxim Merkurev - Maria Prikhodchenko Rus
188Andrey Vovk - Marya Isleim Russian Federation
189Eldar Suleimanov - Daria Verkina Rus
190Pavel Makarov - Natalia Makarova Rus
190Lin Sean - Huang Shu Huei Tpe
192Andrey Bubnov - Irina Chursina Russian Federation
192Egor Loginov - Valeria Baleeva Rus
192Evgeny Tregubov - Irina Tregubova Russianfederation
195Viacheslav Li - Valeria Shugaeva Rus
196Oleg Loginov - Elena Antonova Russian Federation