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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :WDSF International Open Latin
City :Ostrava
Country :Czech Republic
Date :Sunday, 10-07-2018
Association :IDSF
Disipline :Latin
Type :International Open
Age :Adult Latin

Result Service - Results

Result Service / WDSF International Open Latin / Adult Latin
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
1Konstantin Gorodilov - Dominika Bergmannova Estonia
2Arthur Ankerstein - Barbu Georgiana Germany
3Vladislav Khait - Ilenia Pia Mancuso Italy
4Philipp Onishchenko - Ekaterina Panteleeva Russian Federation
5Tin Sanjkovic - Dariia Marinesku Cro
6Karl Aniscenko - Dayana Nikon Canada
7Aleix Civico - Sara Orriols Varela Spain
Semi Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
8Kazuki Hachiya - Madoka Minakawa Japan
9Brodie Barden - Lana Skrgic- De Fonseka Australia
10David Diaz Falcon - Denise Beccari Esp
11Matyas Adamec - Alessia-Allegra Gigli Sui
12Radovan Kurinec - Eliska Lencesova Slovakia
Quarter Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
13Maruster Sergiu - Anastasia Stan Ger
14Miha Zerjav - Karcagi Laura Hun
15Marek Kypus - Jaroslava Tietzova-Sklenarova Cze
16Akim Pekunov - Masa Kastelic Slo
17Miguel Fernandes - Patricia Gomes Do Carmo Portugal
18Nicolo Barbizi - Sara Ros Jakobsdottir Iceland
Round 3
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
19Zilahi Szabolcs Gyorgy - Gede Andrea Hun
20Alexis Leonardo - Justine Reynaud France
20Qiao Bo - Wang Min China Beijing
22Tanabay Tokgoz - Dan Eliza Tur
22Pedro Eugenio - Carla Silva Portugal
24Pitt-Alexander Wibawa - Tiara-Sophia Wibawa Switzerland
25Juttner Andras - Renata Smidova Austria
Round 2
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
26Davide Cotroneo - Valentina Corradi Italy
27Lubomir Kozel - Adela Sirocakova Czech Republic
27Dmytro Kupetskyy - Sofiya Royko Ukr
27Nunzio Felice - Mari Yiangou Cyprus
30Radim Vyslouzil - Anna Sloukova Cze
30Cristian Pontarelli - Miroslava Ondrejkova Svk
32Oleksandr Iorgov - Maryna Mityeva Ukraine
33Alexander Kalist - Karolina Kourilova Czech Republic
33Alex Koren - Ekaterina Novikova Svk
35Piotr Firlag - Celina Balon Poland
36Jakub Richtar - Viktorie Kaszubova Cze
37Vasil Pavlov - Tanya Baltova Bulgaria
38Dominik Cipar - Dominika Kozusnikova Svk
38Mario Kirsner - Adela Golombova Cze
40Stepan Dostal - Tereza Simackova Cze
40Nicolo' Godino - Alice Minelli Italy
42Pavel Mandlik - Sarah Johannesova Cze
42Velizar Georgiev - Polina Kimova Bul
44Ales Kozeny - Katerina Chalupska Czech Republic
44Nguyen Trung Kien - Pham Hong Anh Vietnam
44Oleksii Hrytsiuk - Liubov Dubrovyk Ukraine
44Ionascu Ioan-Adrian - Tarnavean Ilinca Ioana Romania
48Vilem Sir - Hana Anna Siskova Cze
48Martin Hlawiczka - Joanna Sknouril Cze
50Marek Polacek - Elena Novakova Cze
51Tomas Holy - Charlotte Tomesova Czech Republic
52Tan Yee Chun - Tan Chee Min Malaysia
Round 1
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
53Mikhail Mikhalev - Veronika Liskova Cze
53Ooi Say Keat - Iu Bernice Weng Tong Mas
53Daniel Makovec - Michaela Borovkova Cze
53Szymon Kunda - Sandra Frankowska Pol
57Rabih Mourad - Severine Asnar France
57Metin Oenal - Szabo Klaudia Ger
59Sergej Akopov - Dimitra Vogiatzoglou Greece
60Michal Kozub - Tereza Bogaczova Czech Republic
61Tomas Opichal - Monika Manaskova Cze
62James Johansson - Leila Frovik Sweden
62Stanislav Kuban - Sofia Gelienova Svk
62Martin Tojnar - Katerina Jozifova Cze
62Mate Gogh - Elo Franciska Svk
66Petr Otahal - Vendula Prokopova Cze
67Tomas Fisar - Marketa Mullerova Cze
67Hoi Justino - Pang Wan Ching Singapore
69Martin Matysek - Nela Sirova Cze
69Vaclav Zoudlik - Lenka Letosnikova Czech Republic
71Karel Vlach - Barbora Nemcova Cze
72Jakub Minarovic - Jana Sekova Cze
73Tomas Kirnig - Klara Konecna Cze
74Tomas Fridrich - Veronika Jordanovova Cze
75Igor Krepkiy - Victoria Ek Swe
75Michal Faltejsek - Katerina Malkova Cze
77Paul Frlicka - Aneta Karlickova Cze
77Marek Cervenka - Vanessa Guttler Cze
79Vasilis Gkouletsas - Milena Krstevska Mkd
79David Jodl - Klara Faltusova Czech Republic
79Daniel Zhouf - Nikola Veresova Cze
79Zdenek Pavliska - Martina Luksikova Cze
79Adam Havel - Adriana Srejmova Cze
79Filip Forman - Natalie Novackova Cze
85Jakub Jan Kucera - Alena Rousarova Cze
86Raed Mourad - Stephanie Sader Lebanon
86Jakub Sirc - Mariya Nechayeva Czech Republic
86Tomas Lichnovsky - Natalie Kuchtova Cze
86Tomas Jurenik - Adriana Matyskova Cze
86Josef Jasek - Marketa Mikulikova Cze
91Michal Kladrubsky - Helena Brezinova Cze
91Asadour Euredjian - Sandra Abbas Lebanon
91Jan Metlicky - Ela Kasalova Cze
94Lubos Nevrla - Jana Kastovska Cze
95Roman Chornyi - Jana Lichonova Cze